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We are the No. 1 Concrete Polishing Crew in Chicago. We will prove it. It’s simple economics. Polished concrete floors offer a low-maintenance, budget-friendly profile that lends well to commercial and industrial projects. This cement flooring doesn’t harbor dirt, dust, or allergens. A simple mop with neutral cleaning agents, and you’re good to go.


Super Flat, Laser Pinned Floors. We install cementitious, self-leveling underlayments designed to level, smooth, and repair interior floors before installing floor coverings.


We install cementitious, high-performance self-leveling epoxy overlays designed to level, smooth, and repair interior floors to a brilliant new wear topping. Overlays can be used as wear surfaces but can also be stained or integrally colored to provide unique artistic floors. These surfaces are suitable for retail stores, malls, showroom floors, restaurant floors, hotel lobbies, loft apartments, or anywhere a unique creative floor is desired.


We install 100% solids, low-modulus, epoxy overlays to provide waterproof, skid-resistant surfaces for bridges, parking garages, balconies, and industrial floors. Epoxy floors are chemical resistant and protect concrete from deterioration. They also provide a very attractive finish available in various colors.


We install cementitious and epoxy-based industrial floor overlays. Industrial overlays are intended for renovating and topping interior and exterior horizontal surfaces. They are excellent for manufacturing facilities, loading docks, and vehicular or forklift traffic.


We install epoxy-based moisture barriers to stop moisture migration from slabs to finish flooring. Our moisture barrier installations are designed to address 100% RH to stop up to 25 LBS per 1,000 SF per 24 hours. In all cases, the moisture vapor level is reduced to below 3 LBS per 1,000 SF. Once installed, our systems are compatible with all flooring finishes.

Do you need a solution for your concrete and/or subfloor issues?

PSI Knows Commercial Construction:

  • Dust/ Silica Control Program
  • Fit Testing (for respirator)
  • Osha Certified 30 hrs / 10hrs
  • Safety Plan
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Drug Testing
  • Historical Protection Plan (Historic Buildings)
  • Vibration Control Plan
  • Hazard Communication Plan
  • Hurricane Plan
  • Corporate Health and Safety Plan
  • Cube Testing
  • Pull Testing
  • Certified Moisture Tester on Staff



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