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commercial concrete floor install for restaurant


The floor coating in your restaurant kitchen is important. It needs to be made of a material that you can keep clean, and it also needs to give the whole room the right ambiance. When you are choosing floors you will be faced with many choices, but nothing works as well as epoxy floor coatings. Epoxy coatings are becoming more and more popular in restaurant and commercial kitchens. And, it’s easy to see why. They offer so many features that it’s hard to beat them for use in kitchens, restaurants and bars.

First and most important is that they are good for preventing accidents. Spillages in kitchens often cause employee slip and fall accidents. Besides affecting workers compensation insurance costs, the possibility of lawsuits and huge expenses increase with heavy traffic areas where slips occur for both employees and visitors to your business.  With epoxy resin coatings, however, you can make sure that everyone is safe because many specialty resin products feature slip resistance.

Secondly, epoxy floors are easy to clean. Your business kitchen needs to stay clean and sanitary to avoid issues with the health department. Epoxy is great because you can wash it several times a day with very hot water, and it will not suffer damage or wear like other floor surface options. It is a great choice for restaurant flooring because it is long lasting and durable.

Another reason to use epoxy floors in your restaurant, hotel or bar is they offer resistance to many different working conditions you, your employees or patrons may encounter. Hot oil and grease spills, food droppings, water and even poor quality floor materials can contribute to expensive repairs and disruption to business. Because epoxy floor coatings withstand both acids and alkalis,  property owners don’t have to worry about high maintenance or frequent floor coating replacement.

Lastly, epoxy floor coatings offer aesthetic appeal. Because they have the wow factor, they can really impress your visitors. The color choices and finishes also allow you to choose exactly the right floor for your kitchen, storage areas and even floors in the front of the house.

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