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For epoxy floor coatings, PSI Inc. is the concrete expert in Chicago, Illinois and nationwide. Adding industrial epoxies to an existing concrete floor protects from daily wear and tear as well as moisture damage. As an added bonus, epoxy floors are customizable to match any décor or style.

What Companies Use Epoxy Floor Coatings?

Epoxy flooring actually coats the concrete and provides numerous benefits such as bacteria prevention and moisture mitigation, both important to many commercial operations today. Another fortunate advantage is its low maintenance requirements and easy-to-clean profile. These advantages make concrete epoxies ideal for businesses such as:

  • epoxy floor coatings for medical centersPharmaceutical, hospital, research laboratories & medical facilities – seamless, sanitary floors are a must for the health and medical industry. Cost-effective flooring with stain resistance & easy maintenance.
  • Car dealerships – showrooms need non-slip floors that also maintain a beautiful shine to complement their decor and inventory. Epoxy floors offer the right solution to protect from slippery surfaces.
  • Manufacturing plants – special epoxy floor coatings offer chemical resistance and non-slip surfaces important for worker and visitor safety.
  • Warehouses, commercial & industrial facilities – Ideal for corridors, halls and retail stores, epoxy coatings offer low maintenance costs and durability unmatched by other flooring options.
  • Commercial kitchens and restaurants – safe & sanitary for food service operations. Grout crevices and lines that harbor bacteria are no longer an issue. High performance for back kitchen, seating and dining areas.
  • Grocery Stores – keep floors attractive for customers and easy to maintain by employees without the need to strip and wax. Seamless and sanitary epoxy floors work for every area including bakery, seafood, meat and deli.
  • Municipalities, Educational & Governmental Institutions – whether university, law enforcement or government buildings, each of these institutional facilities require good looking floors with low maintenance needs. Slip resistance also keeps them safe for employees and visitors.

Whatever type of business you operate, epoxy floor coatings are ideal for new or existing concrete floors. Give Tony Murillo at PSI Inc. Chicago, Illinois a call today to learn more about your flooring options: (773) 938-6200.