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The more information business owners learn about polished concrete floors, the more appealing this method become as a flooring option. This interest often leads people to question where they should place concrete floors within their commercial or industrial setting. The answer is quite simple. Concrete polished flooring may be used anywhere a business needs a new or replacement floor.

From industrial settings to office buildings, concrete floors provide a functional surface along with an artistic design that is unrivaled by other flooring materials. Additionally, polished concrete and epoxy floor coatings are less expensive to install and maintain.

That means you won’t need to hire specialists or use employees to spend a lot of time keeping these floors clean and in good repair.

Common Uses for Polished Concrete Floors

  • Retail shops & shopping malls
  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Office buildings
  • Warehouses and Factories
  • Commercial gyms, stadiums and convention centers
  • Parking facilities

epoxy-based industrial floorsBenefits of Concrete Polishing

LEED approved & environmentally friendly
• Chemical & solvent resistance makes ideal for pharmacies and research laboratories
• Extremely durable
• High light reflectivity
• Longevity
• Low maintenance

The key to selecting a polished concrete floor that will work for your business operations is to turn to professional concrete experts with the experience, equipment and skillset to install concrete in a safe and effective manner within a commercial setting.

Our expert concrete polishing team here at PSI Inc. specializes in grind & seal of concrete floors with professional polishing equipment that takes the concrete surface down to your desired shine and smoothness. You may choose low or high gloss finishes with the aesthetic appeal and maintenance requirements that best fit your needs.

To learn more about our polished concrete services, give us a call in Chicago at (773) 938-6200 or in Florida at (239) 652-0688. You may also send us a message via our contact form here.